The Exhibition

April 15, 2016

The result of the PhotoMarathon Melbourne event is a free public exhibition where every entrant’s work will be displayed. This is a fantastic and exciting opportunity for both aspiring and professional photographers alike.

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We’re absolutely thrilled to have MAGNET Gallery on board for our inaugural event. Located at 640 Bourke Street in the CBD, it works as a social enterprise and ‘living centre for photography’. Aiming to draw together people with an interest in and a passion for photography, to share their knowledge, experience and aspirations and gain new insights and expertise. At its core is a desire to preserve and celebrate the best of Australian photography and encourage excellence among established and emerging photographers.

Through its commercial partner, Photonet, it also provides fine art printing services, advice and support for established and emerging photographers.

However, Magnet also looks beyond photography to provide a venue for poetry reading, lectures, book launches and recitals, to create a vibrant accessible and interesting environment that fosters creativity.

The public exhibition will run from Sunday 15 to Friday 27 May, with a private launch event for all entrants. It’s going to be quite a collection!