PM 2016 Winner Gives Feedback

With PM 2017 less than two weeks away, we thought we’d touch base with one of our winners from last year, Katjana Cabenda, to ask her about her experience of the event. Here’s what she had to say…

Taking 9 photos in one day, “man, that’s easy peasy in photogenic Melbourne” is what I thought when I first saw the PhotoMarathon event last year. Once the first four topics were in my pocket, I already found out the challenge wasn’t as easy as expected – I really had to crack my creative brain to rediscover this city which I had already been living in for a while. It’s amazing how this day has forced me to see my home in a completely different light, when you think you’ve already seen it all and know every corner by heart. The PhotoMarathon shows you there’s so much more to discover if you look through a different lens – literally and figuratively. So much fun to bump into other photographers, individuals – young and old – or whole families, all with the exact same challenges but having a completely different view on how to bring these topics alive through their photos. “Why didn’t I think of that interpretation?!” is what I thought and heard others say so often during the exhibition of all the photos. This PhotoMarathon has giving me such a positive boost; there is no creative right or wrong when it comes to your photography, having fun is key! Ps. Arriving at the location, I recall another participant and myself looking around and seeing these monstrous professional mega lenses and we thought that’s it, we’re out. PhotoMarathon gave me confidence that it might be the mechanics of a camera that captures an image but it’s the creative anticipation of the photographer that catches the moment. I wish I could be there this year, though I’m travelling through beautiful Vietnam. I’d love to take on the challenge again from here 😉

(photo credit Katjana Cabenda, topic ‘Hope’, PM 2016)