March 4, 2016

Here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions…

Can I enter with a digital camera?
Yes indeedy. PhotoMarathon is a fully digital event.

Can I use my film camera?
Unfortunately not, we’re sticking with digital only.

Can I use my camera phone?
Not for this year, but it’s something that we’ll certainly consider for future years depending on feedback.

Do I need to bring my own memory card?
Yes, you will need to bring your own memory card. It will need to be completely blank at the beginning of the PhotoMarathon, and our team will check this before you start. We will accept all forms of memory cards and will publish a list of the main ones prior to the event. If yours is isn’t a typical SD type please bring a USB cable for us to download your images at the end of the day.

Can I use multiple cameras?
I’m afraid not, for this year we’d like them all on one camera please, but we might consider it for the next event based on feedback. Feel free to use different lens, filters etc though

Can I use in-camera art filters?
If it’s a filter you’re applying prior to taking the photo, we will accept it, but we want to avoid post-processing of any kind.

Can I enter with a friend or in a group?
Absolutely! This is an opportunity for photographers to work together, as it often helps to get the creative inspiration flowing. If you’re working in a team, and submitting one portfolio between you, you do need all the images on one memory card.

Where is HQ for the event day?
We’re taking over the wonderful Magnet Gallery for the day! They’re located at 640 Bourke Street in the CBD, near southern cross station and within the free tram zone. Climb a couple of flights of stairs (or take the lift) and you’ll find us!

How will you collect the images?
At the end of the PhotoMarathon, you’ll need to return to HQ at Magnet Gallery where we will download your images to our computers. You will keep the memory card.

What format should the images be in?
All images will need to be shot as JPEG files. RAW files will not be accepted.

Will the topics be released online?
Not until after the event. You’ll need to collect the topics in person as we’d like to see your faces throughout the day.

Who owns the copyright in the images taken?
The copyright in the images taken remains with the photographer. In entering the competition the entrant grants to PhotoMarathon the right to use the images in all media in relation to the running and promotion of PhotoMarathon. PhotoMarathon cannot (and will not) pass on, sub-license or sell any images to any third party without your permission.

How does the judging work?
Judges are required to judge two separate categories – overall portfolio winner and individual topic winners. The judging panel will choose an overall winner for both the adults and the under 18s, in addition to individual winners in each topic category.

Where will the pictures be shown?
All the images taken on the day will be displayed at the exhibition at MAGNET Gallery, 640 Bourke Street, from 15 to 27 May.